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Membership of the Company is drawn from the security industry in its widest sense and includes leading security professionals from the industrial and retail sectors, serving and retired members of the police and armed services, security consultants, academics, heads of security for corporate businesses, investigators, and electronic surveillance companies.

The Clerk - Adrienne Harper

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36 Queens Rd, North Warnborough, Hampshire, RG29 1DN

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In 2011 the Provost Marshal of the Army, Brigadier Edward Forster-Knight CBE, as part of the 500th Anniversary of the Office of Provost Marshal (Army), presented a sword to the Company. He requested that the sword be presented annually by the Master to the individual, who in his eyes, had done most to promote and support the work of the Company in that year. It was further requested that the sword be placed on the table in front of the winner during any formal Company function at which he or she is present. In addition, he asked that the Company keep a record of the list of winners and to that end the Register was presented by Liveryman Ray Williams at the Annual Dinner held at the Old Bailey on 14 October 2021.

Roger Kember, 2022 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
PM(A) 2021
Frederick Carter, 2021 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
PM(A) 2020
Michael Thwaites, 2020 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
Ray Williams, 2019 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
Group Captain Brian Hughes, 2018 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
Neill Catton, 2017 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
Peter French MBE, 2016 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
Trevor Vaughan MBE OStJ, 2015 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
Richard Monk CMG OBE QPM, 2014 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword
Roy Penrose OBE QPM, 2011 Recipient of the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword

2022 to 2023

Roger Kember

Roger has for many years been the organiser of the Security Dog Awards presented at Common Hall. He has been the man in the background liaising with the various dog handler groups to ensure that the bravery of the dogs and their handlers is recognised. Without his commitment, sense of humour and ability, the Company would not be able to make these awards which enhance our reputation with the military, law enforcement and the security industry. Without doubt he has brought credit not only on himself but also the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and is therefore a very worthy recipient of this award. Roger was presented with the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword at Mansion House by Brigadier Vivienne Buck at the Annual Dinner on October 20th 2022.

Awarding Master: Paul Miller
Presented by Brigadier Vivienne Buck

2021 to 2022

Frederick Carter

Frederick’s contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic has been invaluable. As part of the COVID-19 and Communications Working Groups, Frederick enabled the digital capacity for virtual events, and managed the development of a new Company website with an event ticketing and payment processing system. In addition to making the Company more accessible, these projects have positively contributed to maintaining the Company’s strong financial position during unprecedented times. Frederick was presented with the Provost Marshal (Army) Sword at the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales by Brigadier Vivienne Buck at the Annual Dinner on October 14th 2021.

Awarding Master: Stephen Emmins
Presented by Brigadier Vivienne Buck

2020 to 2021

Michael Thwaites

Michael has made a significant contribution as Chair of the COVID-19 Working Group. His follow up reports and coordination of members have ensured that the Company maintained a flexible response to the pandemic. As the previous Chair of the Marketing & Fundraising Committee, Michael has continued to support event planning and fundraising, including the coordination of the first virtual Christmas Party. His focus on membership engagement and the delivery of virtual ceremonies and events has been a key element in the successful delivery of ‘business as usual’ in a year of challenge and constant change. Michael has shown unwavering support and commitment to the Company. He has stepped forward in this difficult year as in previous years, offering his time, venues and donations, all without fanfare and always in good humour.

Awarding Master: Yasmeen Stratton
Presented by Brigadier Vivienne Buck

2019 to 2020

Ray Williams

This year’s recipient joined the Company in 2001. He has served on more than one of the Standing Committees, was elected a Court Assistant and served the full 12 consecutive years. He continues as Sector Champion for Apprentice selection from Kings College, London, is an active member of the Apprentice Management Group and currently an Apprentice Master. He fostered and mentored the Young Members’ Group which, due to his influence, this year, achieved Standing Committee status. During the last 18 years he has been an unsung hero for the Company by quietly championing and influencing the progress of youth within the Company and subsequently the Livery. I am very pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2019 Provost Marshall Sword is Ray Williams.

Awarding Master: Michael Barley
Presented by Brigadier Vivienne Buck

2018 to 2019

Group Captain Brian Hughes

Brian established the Company’s website in 2012 and launched ‘E News’, a well-read newsletter. As a Past Master, Brian has been a member of the three key Standing Committees: Finance and General Purposes, Membership and Marketing and Fundraising. In four years, his attendance record has been virtually 100% and his contribution quite outstanding. His advice has been continually sought by many senior members of the Company, particularly on finance and the Ordinances.He has also been a very pro-active member of the CSAG. With the effective absence of an IPM during my time as Master I consulted him extensively to very good effect. I can think of no other individual who has made such a huge contribution to the Company consistently over the last six-year period. He is a very well-deserved winner of this Award.

Awarding Master: Phillip Hagon
Presented by Brigadier Eddie Forster-Knight CBE

2017 to 2018

Neill Catton

In 2012 Neill Catton was one of the founding members of the Young Members Group, becoming its first chairman in 2013.  Under his leadership the Group established itself as a dynamic part of the Company and a first-class recruiting vehicle. He quickly organised low-cost breakfast meetings to allow the membership to meet, discuss professional issues and still go on to complete their day’s work.These events became open to all members, especially our Apprentices, who derived much benefit in advancing their knowledge of the security profession. From 2014 to 2017 Neill played a key role delivering in the Whittington Course. He led the Company’s liaison with Bexley Academy, Barclays Bank, City of London Police, The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers and the Guildhall. For his outstanding efforts over five years, he was awarded the PM Sword.

Awarding Master: Air Commodore Stephen Anderton
Presented by Brigadier Edward Forster-Knight CBE

2016 to 2017

Peter French MBE

Many Congratulations on being awarded the RMP Provost Marshal’s Sword for 2016. You are a very worthy recipient who has done as much, if not more, than anyone to nurture the Company from its early life through to early adulthood. Apart from your continued sterling efforts in raising funds annually through the Spring dance (this years being sold out) for the Charitable Trust and The Hackney Carriage Drivers Disney run, you were, I believe, responsible for the application for our Royal Charter. Following that you have taken a major part in the promotion of the Chartered Security Professional arrangements – not to mention you were a Past Master in 2007 to 2008 when the company was granted full Livery status. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do – a most deserving award.

Awarding Master: Ian Mayes QC
Presented by Brigadier Eddie Forster-Knight CBE

2015 to 2016

Trevor Vaughan MBE OStJ

Trevor was a critical member of the Company’s team that established the Sheriff’s Award following the London bombings of 2005. The award not only honours members of the emergency services but also importantly the spontaneous gallantry of members of the public who went above and beyond what might be expected of them with inspiring and truly courageous acts across the United Kingdom. The creation of this award greatly enhanced the standing of the Company in the eyes of the Lord Mayor and the City of London.

Awarding Master: Stuart Seymour
Presented by Brigadier Edward Forster-Knight CBE

2014 to 2015

Richard Monk CMG OBE QPM

Richard was a founder member of the Company and led on the formation of the Charitable Trust which he chaired for several years. Drafting many of the early Company and Charitable Trust policy documents to ensure continuity and institutional memory informed future decision-making. An early supporter of the Whittington Course, he personally supported the head of Bexley Business Academy, one of our charitable schools, enabling students to achieve considerable academic success.  Similarly, Richard championed a grant scheme allowing young people from less well off backgrounds to attend the prestigious Reed’s Independent School. Helping to create the City of London Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery, Richard remains a member of its Working Group and continues as a member of the Court.

Awarding Master: Barrie Stewart
Presented by Brigadier Edward Forster-Knight CBE

2013 to 2014

Steve Neville OBE

Steve has made an invaluable contribution to the Company with the help of many others, most notably Past Master Emeritus John Purnell, in turning the idea of a Livery Company for Security Professionals into reality. He has worked tirelessly promoting the Company’s active support of worthy charities. Chair of the Working Group reviewing the Sheriffs’ Award process clear policies and procedures were established for the future. Steve’s support of Bexley Business Academy and the Whittington Course led to the achievement of extraordinary academic results and in standards of citizenship. Steve is a co-organiser of the City of London Police Commissioner’s Dinners which have raised in excess of £50,000 for our Charitable Trust since their inception.

Awarding Master: Group Captain Brian Hughes
Presented by Brigadier David Neal

2012 to 2013

Andrew Knights

This was an exceptionally busy time for the Company advancing to full Livery status with increasingly sophisticated financial management. Parallel monetary issues included the application for Royal Charter, funding the Sheriffs’ Award and Old Bailey Honours Board, new fee structures for Retired and Overseas members, Young Members and the new Apprenticeship scheme.  The cost of City activities was constantly increasing and sponsorship more difficult to obtain. Strong financial management was essential if the Company’s business plan, calendar of events, Charitable Trust contributions and banking covenants were to be met and surpluses generated for the future. Treasurer Andrew Knights ensured all were achieved.

Awarding Master: Gerald Moore
Presented by Brigadier Bill Warren MBE

2011 to 2012

Roy Penrose OBE QPM

Roy was admitted to the then Guild in March 2001, secured his Freedom in 2002 and later appointed as a Court Assistant. Having elected not to advance to the office of Master, the Sword was awarded to Roy for his outstanding work as the chairman of various Committees including Membership, Finance and General Purposes and the ad hoc groups drafting the Ordinances and Bye Laws enabling advancement to full Livery and the successful application for Royal Charter. He later led the Membership Review Group creating the Young Members Group and re-launch of the Apprenticeship  Scheme of which he was founding chairman. Roy’s commitment has continued as advisor to the Succession Planning Group and as a Trustee and Deputy Chairman of the Charitable Trust.

Awarding Master: Nigel Churton MBE
Presented by Brigadier Edward Forster-Knight CBE

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