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Membership of the Company is drawn from the security industry in its widest sense and includes leading security professionals from the industrial and retail sectors, serving and retired members of the police and armed services, security consultants, academics, heads of security for corporate businesses, investigators, and electronic surveillance companies.

The Clerk - Adrienne Harper

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36 Queens Rd, North Warnborough, Hampshire, RG29 1DN

    Most Livery Companies of the City of London have formal links with the Armed Services, many Companies having more than one link to a Military unit.  Affiliations, as they are known, are active and have an important role for both the Military and the Company.  The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals (WCoSP) has, at 2021, 6 affiliated Military Units, in order of Affiliation:

    RAF Regiment
    Royal Navy – HMS MEDWAY
    Royal Military Police
    RAF Police
    3 Military Intelligence Battalion
    35 Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Search)

    Within the WCoSP the Services’ Committee (SC) manages the links with the affiliated Military Unit.  Points of Contact take the lead in maintaining regular communication with each Unit.  The SC’s Awards Working Group oversees arrangements for the annual presentation of Awards by the Company to a worthy recipient from each of the 6 Military Affiliates.  The recipient is nominated by their own Military Unit and the Award is presented by The Master, usually at the annual Services’ Affiliates Lunch held during Armed Forces Week in June.

    Royal Air Force Regiment

    The RAF Regiment was founded by Royal Warrant in 1942. Its principal purpose is to counter a wide spectrum of threats, wherever and whenever necessary. The RAF Regiment also has a key operational training role for the RAF.  The RAF Regiment has 7 regular and 6 reserve squadrons organised in to 7 wings. The RAF Regiment also provides Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) to the British Army and Royal Marines, and provides a flight sized commitment to the Special Forces Support Group.

    There are 6 Force Protection Wings based across the UK. Two of the Wings are designated as the lead part of the Joint Expeditionary Force and are focused on RAF Police and RAF Regiment expeditionary capability inclusive of Armoured Vehicles (Wheeled) and Military Working Dogs. The second Joint Expeditionary Force Wing also delivers RAF Ceremonial and Joint Terminal Attack Controller capability. The 4 Multirole Force Protection Wings are tasked with providing a particular aircraft type or role with the necessary defence. The Multirole Wings are responsible for a geographic security region within the home base as well as being the units of choice to deploy alongside their aligned aircraft types.

    The RAF Regiment was affiliated to the WCoSP in 2004. The Company’s NCO Leadership Award, The Ben Flenley Memorial Bowl, is presented annually at The Master’s Installation Lunch to a non-commissioned officer of the RAF Regiment who has displayed conspicuous leadership and courage beyond the normal call of duty.  L/Cpl Kyle Owens was the worthy recipient of the Award in 2020.



    The Commandant General of the RAF Regiment, Air Commodore Scott Miller, with the Ben Flenley Memorial Bowl. By kind permission of the RAF Regiment
    Royal Navy

    In September 2006 the Court approved the Company’s’ affiliation with the Royal Navy.  The ship nominated was HMS SEVERN. There followed some 11 years of dynamic interface with the ship and its pro-active crew.  HMS SEVERN was subsequently decommissioned in 2017 and honoured at a ceremony in HM Naval Base Portsmouth on 27 October 2017 to mark the safe completion of her commission.  The RN then nominated HMS MEDWAY to replace her and she was adopted by the Company as our Naval Affiliate in 2018.

    HMS MEDWAY is a Batch 2 River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel, named after the River Medway in Kent.  She was launched in 2017, commissioned in 2019 and is currently deployed to the Caribbean as the Royal Navy’s permanent presence in the region.   HMS MEDWAY supports the British Overseas Territories and is ready to assist in the event of a natural disaster in the region.  The Ship also contributes to the efforts to counter Illicit Trafficking.

    The annual award to a member of HMS MEDWAY’s company is named ‘The Mike Welply Memorial Award’, and is presented to the Sailor of the Year. ‘The Mike Welply Memorial Award’ for 2021 was presented to Engineering Technician Benjamin Kent by the Commanding Officer of HMS MEDWAY, Lt Cdr Jim Blythe, on Saturday 29 May alongside in US Naval Station MAYPORT.’


    Royal Military Police (RMP)

    RMP is the Corps of the British Army responsible for policing Army personnel and providing a Military Police presence, both in the UK and overseas on operations and exercises.  The RMP trace their history back to 1527 when Sir Henry Guilford was recorded as the Provost Marshal for King Henry VIII.  In the 17th century the Provost Marshal and his troops were given formal policing responsibility for the Army when called for duty – and that continues to this day.

    Since the Second World War, the RMP have been active in every operational theatre – the occupation of Germany, Palestine, the Suez Canal Zone, Korea, Cyprus, Kenya, Aden, Malaya and Borneo to name but a few.  In more recent years, the RMP have served on the front line in the Falklands, the Gulf, the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, in Sierra Leone, in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

    As well as carrying out policing duties in Garrison, on Exercise and on Operations the RMP have other Specialist streams.  The Special Investigation Branch (the military equivalent of the CID) is responsible for the investigation of serious and complex criminality perpetrated by service personnel, their dependants and those civilians who fall under MOD jurisdiction (usually when serving abroad).   Additionally, the Close Protection Unit provides specialist CP support to Senior Military Officers and Senior Government Officials to enable their freedom of movement and protection in high threat environments overseas – and RMP Officers and NCOs are deployed throughout the world fulfilling this role.  Finally, RMP NCOs can train to be Crime Scene, Cyber Crime and Financial Investigators and in the whole sphere of Covert operations.

    The RMP were affiliated to the WCoSP in 2007.  The annual Award to the RMP is named ‘The Colonel Herring Award for Excellence’ and is presented to the Outstanding RMP NCO.  Sgt Abigail Horner was the worthy recipient of the Award in 2020.


    Sgt Abigail Horner, after being presented with the Col Herring Award for Excellence. By kind permission of the RMP

    Additionally in 2011, as part of the 500th Anniversary of the Office of Provost Marshal (Army), WCoSP Liveryman Brigadier Eddie Forster-Knight presented a special sword to the Company and asked that the Sword be awarded annually to the individual, who in the eyes of the Master and the Court, has achieved most to promote and support the work of the Company in that year, excluding the Master and Clerk. For further details of the origins of the award, and the list of recipients, please visit out dedicated page.


    Royal Air Force Police (RAFP)

    The RAF Police provide specialist law enforcement, counter-intelligence and security services, identification and countering threats from terrorism, espionage, sabotage, subversion, extremism and organised crime in the UK and overseas.

    The RAF Police incorporates No.1 Tactical Provost Squadron (TPS) which forms the RAF Police principal tactical deployable capability, conducting aviation security tasks worldwide. Counter Intelligence and Security (CI & Sy) Sqn delivers focused CI capability, specialist security consultancy and criminal and CI Intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination. The Specialist Investigations Branch (SIB) conducts criminal investigations into serious crime; the Forensic Exploitation Flt provides both digital forensics capability and crime scene investigators. No 3 Tactical Police Squadron is a generalist RAuxAF Police Sqn. No 4 RAFP Sqn holds police and security responsibilities for N England and Scotland. No 5 RAFP Sqn, holds police and security responsibilities in the N-Wales, N-Midlands and Lincolnshire area.

    The RAF Police have been reorganised into the 6 Force Protection Wings based across the UK. Two of the Wings are designated as the lead part of the Joint Expeditionary Force and are focused on RAF Police and RAF Regiment expeditionary capability inclusive of Armoured Vehicles (Wheeled) and Military Working Dogs.

    The RAF Police were affiliated to the WCoSP in 2009.  The annual Award is named ‘Securing the Skies Award’ and is presented to the NCO who has made the most significant contribution to the protection of critical assets during the previous year. On 12 October 2021 Past Master Mike Barley presented the Award to Sgt Mark Sibley at RAF Honington.

    Photos by kind permission of the RAF Police

    RAF Police patrol with specialist dog search
    RAF Police guarding C-17 on humanitarian operations following the Beirut explosion in 2020.
    3 Military Intelligence Battalion (3MI)

    3 Military Intelligence Battalion is an Army Reserve unit under the operational command of 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade within 6th (United Kingdom) Division and is based in London and Cambridge. The Battalion is extremely operationally focused, with a very large number of its officers and soldiers having completed operational deployments. The Unit has deployed personnel to Kuwait, the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

    The Battalion also provides reservist intelligence personnel to support various agencies with deployments to Whitehall, PJHQ Northwood, Defence Intelligence at RAF Wyton and other locations, most recently as part of the Military’s contribution against COVID-19. When deployed they are completely integrated with, and work alongside, their Regular Army Intelligence Corps counterparts.

    3 MI were affiliated to the WCoSP in 2012.  The annual Award is named ‘Best Recruit Award’. Because of COVID restrictions the 2020 winner, L/Cpl Brierley-Ambrose, was presented with the Award by The Master at a virtual ceremony on 18 November.

    Raw information is received, analysed by the Int Corps Operators and subsequently derived intelligence is plotted onto maps and in table form.

    An officer gives a verbal brief to a number of Int Corps Operators in the field and, using materials immediately to hand, illustrates the main points of the brief.

    By kind permission of 3MI


    35 Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Search)

    35 Engr Regt (EOD&S) is a unit of the British Army’s Corps of Royal Engineers, forming up in Carver Barracks near Saffron Walden, Essex in 2018.  The Regiment provides search and bomb disposal capability in support of the armoured infantry brigades in the 3rd (UK) Division, as well as to the Theatre Enabling Group (a logistic brigade) as well as providing a continual on-call bomb disposal capability in support of the Royal Air Force.  In the short time since forming, the Regiment has deployed soldiers on operations in Iraq, sent training teams across Africa and the Middle East as well as exercising in Canada, Germany, Estonia and France.  Most recently, they have led the testing programmes in Kent and Medway as part of the Defence contribution to UK resilience during the coronavirus pandemic.

    35 Engr Regt (EOD&S) were affiliated to the WCoSP in 2020.  The annual Award for this Regiment is yet to be identified/named and will be awarded to the ‘Junior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year’.


    The WCoSP Mentoring Scheme
    The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals has a mentoring scheme, administered by the Services’ Committee, for those who leave the military and the civilian emergency services.  The Scheme aims to help leavers gain employment in the corporate security sector, either in an employed position, or as a self-employed individual.  The Scheme does not seek to place an obligation on a mentee to join the WCoSP and the service is provided free of charge.  Please check on the WCoSP Mentoring Scheme for further details.

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