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Membership of the Company is drawn from the security industry in its widest sense and includes leading security professionals from the industrial and retail sectors, serving and retired members of the police and armed services, security consultants, academics, heads of security for corporate businesses, investigators, and electronic surveillance companies.

The Clerk - Adrienne Harper

Phone: +44 (0) 1256 395 036
36 Queens Rd, North Warnborough, Hampshire, RG29 1DN

    The Trustees agreed to donate £750 towards replacement of a central heating boiler of a former security officer with a young family, unemployed due to several advancing medical conditions.

    “I would like to say a massive thank you to the SBF for help towards our new boiler. Having a new boiler has changed my family’s lives. We would have never been able to afford the work doing, I again thank you so much, I and my family are so grateful.”

    Nancy is our sofa surfer with a 6 year old daughter. She was not looking for money, but support. Who could she turn to, to get out of this hell? One of our Trustees knew who could support her, it was important that she kept her job and income. Two years later she has a new life – still works in security but now is a supervisor – she and her daughter are doing well.

    “It is the kind, caring nature of the people within the SBF that helped turn my life around”

    Matt had worked as a security guard for a variety of companies over many years. He was signed off work with mental health issues but hoped to be able to return to work in due course. He had recently split up with his long-term partner and had a young son from the relationship, as a result had found himself homeless – his partner being the sole tenancy holder. He was sleeping on the sofa at his family’s house, but could not stay there. Our intervention helped him get accommodation, he now sees his son, is working and studying to be a security supervisor.

    “The SBF helped me to get back to some form of normality, affording me the opportunity to once again see my Son. I cannot thank the SBF enough for their generosity and actually caring enough to get involved and support me”

    An urgent application for assistance was received from a charity for the homeless on behalf of Simon who at the time was sleeping rough. He had worked as a security officer and had various short-term security jobs as he moved around the country. Simon had been a victim of abuse as a child, suffered from mental health issues as a result, which made it difficult for him to hold down a job, so he had often travelled from place to place, sleeping rough and trying to find work where he could. Whilst sleeping rough, he was the victim of a random attack which left him with life changing injuries meaning he could no longer work and was reliant on benefits. Our intervention helped him into permanent safe accommodation, no longer in danger of attack in what can be a ruthless world.

    “This is just one case of many. The fact that the SBF listened and reached out to support, means more people like Simon can be helped in the future. Our thanks go out to everyone involved”

    Cancer has affected many of us, Jenny developing a tumour led to her partner, who had worked in security for over 20 years, having to stop working so hard, he became her carer and needless to say found it very hard to take, seeing a loved one dying before his eyes. SBF helped during this tragic situation.

    “It’s at times like this that you need all the support you can get, emotionally and financially. The support of the SBF made things for me and my family that little bit easier”.

    Charles died of a heart attack getting ready to commence his shift, leaving 4 young children, and on £9.00 per hour no insurances. We learned that Charles’s widow was looking to borrow money from a payday lender to bury him. We supported her along with family and friends.

    “This financial support really assisted me and my family at this very difficult time. We are all so thankful to the financial support received and cannot thank the SBF enough”

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