The Award is a highly prestigious one with the winner receiving a trophy, a framed certificate and, from 2014, a cheque for £2,500. By order of the Sheriffs their names are permanently inscribed on an Honours Board and in a Book of Honour which are on permanent display at the Central Criminal Court - 'The Old Bailey'.

The search for nominations begins in February each year at the Old Bailey during a ceremony presided over by the Sheriffs. Later in the year the Sheriffs select the Award winner and a deserving list of runners-up.

Nominations are sought from across the United Kingdom and are open to members of the public as well as members of the Emergency Services, the Armed Forces and people employed in the Security Industry.

The Recipient of the 2018 Award David Burgess

In front of some 200 Members and guests the 2018 Sheriffs’ Award was presented by the two Sheriffs, Alderman Vincent Keaveny and The Hon Elizabeth Green, to Mr David Burgess who selflessly intervened in an assault where a man was being attacked and stabbed and ultimately saved his life.

On Monday 27 November 2017 at 8.20 in the morning, a grocery store owner was standing outside his store in Ley Street, Ilford talking to some customers when he was suddenly approached by a man armed with two knives who without any provocation, carried out an attack on him stabbing at him repeatedly.

Mr David Burgess was passing by at the time on the other side of the street and heard people screaming as the attacker continued to stab the grocery store owner.

With no thought for his own personal safety, Mr Burgess ran across the road and stepped in between the two men and very calmly talked to the man asking him to stop. The attacker was distracted by Mr Burgess’s calmness and did stop, allowing Mr Burgess to disarm him thereby preventing further injury to the grocery store owner. The attacker then left the area and Mr Burgess, along with other people, administered first aid until emergency services arrived.

The grocery store owner was stabbed over 30 times receiving injuries to his head, neck, back, arms and legs. He was taken to hospital where he was treated for his wounds. The consensus of the emergency services is that but for the quick actions of Mr Burgess and his intervention with no thought for his own safety, the grocery store owner would have lost his life to the attacker.

It transpired the man carried out a similar attack in 1998 which saw one man killed and another receive life changing injuries. He was subsequently arrested for this matter and now awaits trial for attempted murder.

It is the decision of the City of London Sheriffs’ that Mr David Burgess is the very worthy recipient of the 2018 Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery.

As the Master noted, “The award to David Burgess is yet another example of selfless bravery that restores faith in the goodness of people”. It is a most prestigious award and David received from the Company a substantial cheque, the Sheriffs’ Award Trophy and certificate, all presented by the Sheriffs, and subsequently his name will be engraved on a board situated in the Central Criminal Court. David was a most worthy recipient’.