Ladies Lunch Friday at Drapers' Hall

Posted: 25 January 2018

On Friday, 25 January 2019 51 ladies, and one forlorn man (the Master), assembled at the magnificent Drapers’ Hall for the 2019 WCoSP Ladies Lunch.

The event commenced with a tour of the main rooms and hall, which was conducted by the Drapers’ Company archivist, Penny Fussell. This was the house of Thomas Cromwell, Chief Minister to Henry V111, and possibly the second most powerful man after the King in England during the decade leading up to his execution for treason in the summer of 1540. The King confiscated Cromwell’s possessions and in 1543 Henry sold the mansion and huge gardens to the Drapers’ Company, but in 1666 the building was destroyed in the Great Fire of London and was rebuilt then destroyed again in another fire in 1772. This second rebuild again retained the original footprint and room layout, thus the Ladies Lunch took place in a room of similar dimensions to that of Cromwell's mansion, and looked out on to the only remaining segment of his garden.

During the following reception the Master gave a short speech and was then banished from the rest of the proceedings.

The Master's Lady, Maggie Hagon gave the first speech of her life, which was very well received, and she presented a Sponsor's Certificate to Jennifer Dickens from Estee Lauder, who very generously not only sponsored the event but provided a Jo Malone candle to every participant.

A typically superb Drapers luncheon was served and the principal guest, former Sheriff Fiona Adler, gave an amusing speech. Amanda Keaveny, Consort to the current Aldermanic Sheriff Vincent Keaveny was the second principal guest.

In keeping with our theme of professional security, attendees left the lunch with a WCoSP gift of a handbag hanger, designed to reduce the risk of thieves stealing handbags that have been left under tables in bars and restaurants.

Another very successful event was thus brought to a conclusion.