WCoSP Common Hall Saddlers’ Hall

Posted: 22 November 2018

On Thursday, 22 November, the Master, Wardens, Liverymen, Freemen, Members, Apprentices and guests gathered for the Company’s 2018 Common Hall and Award Presentations which were held in Saddlers’ Hall, a popular venue for our event.

Our principal guests were Alderman and Sheriff Vincent Keaveny and Sheriff The Hon Elizabeth Green.

The Master, Mr Phillip Hagon QPM, declared Common Hall open and the following ceremonies took place.


Admittance of Apprentices

With support from their Apprentice Masters, the following made their declarations and were Inroled on their four-year journey as Apprentices:

  • Mr Owen Gosling-Campbell
  • Mr Nabil Laasid Mohamed
  • Mr Alex Lee
  • Mr Morgan Males
  • Mr Nicolas Markantonis
  • Miss Kate Naylor

Completing Apprentices admitted as Freemen of the Company, by Servitude

The following, having completed their four-year apprenticeships were admitted to the Company as Freemen:

  • Mr Kenny Mosuro
  • Mr Nicholas Taylor

Admittance of Members as Freemen

After making their declarations, the following members were admitted to the Freedom of the Company:

  • Mr Neil Harrison MBE
  • Mr Adam Meyer
  • Mr Mike Rumble
  • Mr Andrew Watkin-Child
  • Mr Ed Koyuncu
  • Mr Johnathan Palmer
  • Mr Chris Staunton JP

Freeman Clothed in the Livery

The following Freemen were clothed as Liverymen of the Company:

  • Mr Gerard Cooper
  • Mr Jeff Gardiner
  • Mr Steve Marshall
  • Mr Steve Street
  • Mr James Wilson

Company Briefings

At the conclusion the of the ceremonies, the Master and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr Jeremy Batchelor JP, gave short presentations on the activities and achievements of the Company and Trust over the past 12 months and looked ahead to the challenges and goals in the coming year.


After a short break in proceedings, the following presentations were made by the Sheriffs:

Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery 2018

The recipient of this year’s award was Mr David Burgess, who had been presented with his award by the Sheriffs at the Company’s Annual Dinner held on 11 October at The Mansion House.

Invited to Common Hall to receive commendation certificates, were the highest placed finalists in the 2018 Award, but unfortunately not all were able to attend. Senior Warden Mike Barley read citations for those attending, and certificates were presented by the Sheriffs to the following:

  • PC Charlie Guenigault
  • PS Matthew Ebbs
  • Mr James Maxwell

The 2018 Annual Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Handler and Dog

Civil Division

The award is made to the dog-and-handler team which is the supreme Champion at the Annual Security Dog User Trials held by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). The Winner of the Civil Division Award was Security Dog Major and his handler Mr Gareth Howe.

Civilian Police and Law Enforcement Services Division

The Award is open to individual dog-and-handler teams, dog sections and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the welfare or use of dogs in protecting the public through law enforcement.

Nominations are given to the Award Judging Panel of the WCoSP. The Winners of the Civilian Police and Law Enforcement Services Division Award for 2018 were The Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary Joint Operations Unit Dog Section.

Military Division

Each Service can submit up to 3 pairs of dogs-and-handlers or a unit nomination to the Award Judging Panel of the WCoSP to be considered for the Award. The Winner of the Military Division Award for 2018 was Sergeant Neil Furniss No. 6 RAF Police and Security Squadron.

Following the formalities, the evening concluded with a reception.

Richard Sweetman
Court Assistant

All images copyright of Gerald Sharp Photography