Christmas Message from the Master

Posted: December 2018

My year as Master is flying past and as I mentioned to those of you who could attend our Christmas Lunch at Vintners’ Hall last week Maggie and I are now halfway through the year. We totted up the number of events and calls upon our time since my installation on 6 June and, thus far, it adds up to 99; so, if you are contemplating a shot as Master be prepared!

These have included events of tragedy - the funeral of our lovely Middle Warden Sue Seaby after her sudden death this summer - but so many events of great pleasure. It is a wonderful experience and I do feel immensely privileged to represent you all.

I think this is a great Company, not just for the huge amount of charitable work that we do, our superb young members and apprentices, the multiplicity of events we organise, our great Service Affiliates and the quality of our membership, but for what it stands for; Fellowship, Honesty, Charity, Integrity and Friendship.

You may have had a frenetic year, and I know that some of you will have had a traumatic one, but I do hope you have some time now to enjoy this Christmas period. Maggie and I wish you all a great Christmas and a peaceful, happy and healthy 2019.

Phillip Hagon QPM