Apprentices Kiyomi Ran and Toni Brunton-Douglas in Oxford

Posted: 30 November 2018

Toni and I both graduated from King’s College London this summer with BA in International Relations at the Department of War Studies. Both of us joined as Apprentices through the associated scheme between the Department and the Company. Currently, we are both pursuing different degrees at Oxford. Toni is reading for an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Oriel College. I am pursuing an MSc in Comparative Social Policy at Green Templeton College.

Toni and I have been meeting up several times to catch up with one another. We are both enjoying everything Oxford has to offer. Albeit different from London, we have both settled in, and are just about to finish our first term (called the Michaelmas Term – very Oxford indeed). These eight weeks could not have gone by faster. I have just begun to deconstruct the opportunities that surround me and could not have been happier to have been here. From getting to speak to the Japanese Ambassador (my home country) in the first week to being supervised by leading academics whom I finally get to meet after years of reading their published works, I am still awed by the institution. While sometimes I feel that I have an imposter syndrome, I know that being at Oxford is a step up to my future career path.

We both certainly owe our achievements to our undergraduate institution, King’s College London, and especially to our Department. Therefore, we are very grateful for the opportunity to join the Company. Although we have different interests, they were both in one way or the other shaped by our experiences throughout those three years. I personally wanted to further my learning into something of practical use, and therefore opted for my current degree, in which I am exposed to the intricacies of policy-making in the developed economies. Toni has certainly stuck with the theme of security, pursuing her interests in criminology. And we hope to continue to be part of the Company.

If anyone is ever visiting Oxford, please do get in contact with us. Whether it is to learn more about the academics for anyone thinking of studying here or to experience a formal dinner, we are both very happy to hear from you!

Kiyomi Ran